Salt caves are man-made caves modeled after real salt mines in the Himalayas. The walls and floor of the cave are covered with Himalayan salt, and the air inside the cave is also enriched with atmospheric natural salt aerosol. Salt caves are said to have many health benefits, such as improving the respiratory system, improving immune function, detoxifying the body, reducing stress, healing various skin conditions, and even improving physical performance. It is said that these health benefits have made salt caves a popular tourist destination.

Here’s how you can profit from a salt cave.


First, you will need a location for the salt cave. A room large enough to accommodate several people is required. Also, the room should be dark, windowless, and have little to no noise. You can find rental or lease locations on sites like Craigslist or by contacting your local chamber of commerce.

Once you’ve found a place, you need to prepare it for conversion into a salt cave. As long as the walls are covered in drywall and you have the electrical and HVAC system installed, it is ready for conversion.

Converting the Room to a Salt Cave

This process entails covering the surfaces with authentic Himalayan salt. An experienced salt cave builder will be able to perform the full conversion and this process usually entails the following:

Salt Cave Conversion
Salt Cave Conversion
Ceiling: A stalactite ceiling is created and embedded with multi-coloured fibre-optic lighting system and a fiber-optic light engine.

Walls: Walls are covered with Himalayan salt bricks or boulders. Intermittent backlighting is achieved by the installation of high-powered halogen lights, embedded behind the salt rocks or bricks.

Floor: The entire floor is covered in large grain Himalayan crystal salt particles. A salt brick pathway with illuminated edges, welcomes your guests as they enter through the door.

Halogenerator: This is the device that produces the medical grade salt aerosol and fills the room’s atmosphere, allowing for your guests to experience the healing benefits of Halotherapy. We use the HaloSpa-03 for it’s performance and reliability.

Sound: A high powered Blue-tooth sound system is installed into the ceiling, allowing connection from any Bluetooth device for relaxing music or sound effects.

Accents: Fully backlit salt pillars, rustic cedar beams, and Himalayan salt lamps or tea lights add to the decor of the salt cave.

Add-ons: The Himalayan salt reception desk, Himalayan salt bench, the Himalayan salt fireplace, salt water cascade, or skylight further add to the salt cave’s beauty and ambiance.

Hire a Salt Cave Designer and Builder

Next, hire a professional salt cave designer and builder to perform the full conversion. At Select Salt, we offer full, turn-key business solutions.

Contact us for a free quote.

Finally, advertise your business. To do this, create a website or social media account dedicated to Salt Caves. Be sure to share the latest news and health benefits of salt caves to your audience.

By following these steps, you can start your own business and start earning revenue from your salt cave.

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