What is a Water Cascade?

The water cascade, or waterfall, is an addon feature that can be added to any salt cave or salt room.

Functionality of a Water Cascade

Salt Water Cascade
Salt Water Cascade (closeup)
This feature is multi-faceted and provides several benefits for your salt cave:

  • As running water streams and trickles over the salt rocks and twigs, your guests are provided with the tranquil sounds of a natural water stream, enhancing mood and relaxation.
  • The running water is actually a salt brine, which contains dissolved salt and minerals from the Himalayan rock salt.
  • As the salt brine streams over the rock salts, a salt mist is released into the atmosphere, adding to the salt aerosol, further enhancing the therapeutic benefit of your salt cave.

The Salt Water Cascade vs. the Halogenerator

The heart of any salt room is the Halogenerator, which is a device that generates and pumps dry, microscopic sized salt particles (a medical-grade salt aerosol) into the salt room atmosphere. This is generally known as dry halotherapy.

Wet Halotherapy is a term used to describe the therapeutic benefits of salt water or salt mist (brine), such as breathing in the ocean or sea-side air, or taking a dip in the natural saline waters of the Dead Sea.

Himalayan salt mist
Himalayan salt mist
Thus, the addition of a salt water cascade, if space permits, will add the benefits of wet halotherapy, in addition to dry halotherapy (as provided by the Halogenerator), to your salt room, providing full and complete salt-based therapy and will cater to a wider array of clientele.

Benefits of Salt Water

Naturally occurring salt water has several known health benefits, as testified by residents who live near the sea or ocean — where the atmosphere is naturally comprised of salt-rich mist and is more readily breathed in, than by those residents who live further inland.

Women and Health magazine reports that sea or ocean water contain minerals and trace elements, in addition to salt, which have a profound health boosting effect.

“breathing in sea air… has physical benefits, from oxygenating our blood to regulating blood sugar levels. Plus your immune system will be rewarded – a Czech study found that cold water swimmers had an increase in white blood cells.”

Naturally occurring Himalayan rock salt contains trace minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, chromium, magnesium and sulfate at varying concentrations.

It stands to reason then, that wet salt therapy, as derived from Himalayan salt mist, can have a profound effect on your health.

A Video Clip of a Salt Water Cascade

Short clip of a salt water cascade inside a salt cave:

The salt water cascade is a feature we offer with all of our builds, and is one of our most popular addons.

We hope you found the information above useful. Leave a comment below, or contact us if you have any questions.

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