Why Build With Us?



Why Build with Us?

We passionately design and build treatment centres premised on salt therapy (also known as Halotherapy). We specialize in highly customized salt caves, rooms and saunas. These rooms provide options for yoga, massage, meditation and many other services.

About Our Designs

We cover every square inch of wall and floor with Himalayan salt. These man-made microclimates are a true synergy between the forces of nature, science and art. Individually, every salt rock, brick or boulder is meticulously stacked. Furthermore, no spray foam or paper mache is used.

We illuminate walls with serene lighting. We also design lighting to promote negative ion production and increase the room’s aesthetic value.

Our breathtaking salt cave ceilings feature Select Salt’s signature stalactites. Fibre-optic lighting design is integrated into the stalactites.

We ensure a unified theme exists between walls and ceiling. We spread several inches of pink – or white – Himalayan salt crystals over top of the floor.

We connect salt caves to your facilities’ HVAC system. This produces a micro-climate that resembles those found in naturally-occurring salt cave chambers.

On average, Select Salt constructs salt rooms or salt caves using 8,500-10,000 pounds of salt.

We design and build salt caves in as little as 100 square feet of space. Furthermore, we do this in as little as 2 weeks.

The temperature inside every salt cave is maintained precisely between 66-68°F to gain the maximum therapeutic benefit.

We install halogenerators with exhaust fans, to circulate the rich negative ions from salt into the air.


Select Salt Inc designs and builds Salt Caves, with a division catering to the wholesale products market.
Building a salt cave? Let Select Salt help your business. Building Salt Caves is what we do.
Building Salt Caves with passion and meaning - Select Salt Inc.
Canadian owned with an international scope, we are your reliable Salt Cave builders.


Design Options to Consider:


1. Conventional Himalayan Salt Cave

This design utilizes large boulders and rocks, reproducing a cave-like atmosphere. These rooms feature with stalactites and fibre-optic lighting. A brick walkway often graces the entrance of this type of salt cave. Furthermore, loose, pink Himalayan salt crystals cover the remaining surface area.


2. Salt Therapy Room

Salt rooms provide a true digital detox that’s great for smaller spaces. The salt therapy room is constructed to emphasize more salt brick and tile. Select Salt brings agility and flexibility to the table. We work with our clients to maximize their space and revenue-generating capacity.


3. Salt Sauna

Do you have an existing dry sauna? Are planning to install a new one? Adding Himalayan salt bricks or tiles on your walls is an affordable and unique addition to your services.


4. Himalayan Massage, Meditation or Yoga Room

Expand your business or home spa with a salt room. We build salt rooms to fit your space. We equip these therapeutic salt sanctuaries with halogenerators. This provides additional salt therapy benefits combined with other treatments.