Waterfalls, salt benches, skylights and more can add value to your salt cave and offer your guests a truly unique experience

The functional, practical aspects of salt caves are well known—whether it’s stress reduction, lung capacity improvement, or help with airway inflammation through halotherapy. But salt caves don’t have to rely on function alone. Built with care and consideration, salt caves can become spaces of respite and tributes to design and aesthetic. Furthermore, they can be beautiful environments that are a delight to the senses.

Each salt cave or salt room Select Salt builds is entirely customizable. Depending on your goals, you may choose to add one or more aesthetic choice to enhance the beauty of your space. And what’s even better, these beautiful features also provide function, allowing your guests to get the most out of a visit.

Here are some additional features you can add to your salt cave construction to produce truly beautiful results:

The Waterfall

The addition of a waterfall or water cascade can be an amazing feature in any salt cave.

Experts in Salt Room Designs and ConstructionRelaxation is paramount as the gentle trickle of water lulls guests into a deep state of calm. The falling water offers a soothing soundtrack as water cascades across a stunning waterfall in smooth panes and streams.

High-quality waterfalls created by Select Salt are manufactured of soft wood. And they provide a stunning centerpiece in any salt room. Best of all, water cascades aren’t just a design feature. The cascading water also contains negative salt ions, increasing the amount of rich salt air in the room. This means guests benefit from both the beauty and function of this custom-built cave feature.

The Salt Bench

Himalayan Salt BenchHand-built from pure Himalayan salt, our custom-made salt benches provide extra seating space for guests to your salt room. Raw salt stones and boulders are precision-cut to create stunning salt bricks, which form the structure of this feature. Custom-made according to client specifications, the salt bench adds a modern touch through its streamlined, simplistic design. Stunning striations found naturally in salt are showcased in the bench’s design. Smooth to the touch and functionally sturdy, this piece enhances any salt cave. This is also a great way to optimize underused spaces, like the corners, in your salt cave, ensuring every inch is beautiful and functional.

The Chimney

Chimney stacks are a common design feature in many homes. They often create a focal point in living rooms, dining rooms, and even in some kitchens. These focal points draw your eyes inward and upward, providing character and enhancing beauty.

Pink Himalayan Custom ChimneyOffering these same benefits, chimney features are also available as an enhancement to any salt room. Constructed of carefully cut and stacked Himalayan salt bricks, custom-designed chimney breasts automatically create an aesthetically pleasing feature wall.

The Skylight

Also known as the twilight feature, this gorgeous salt cave enhancement is sure to take your guests’ breath away. Built in the upper centre of your salt cave, this feature mimics the sensation of sitting under the night sky. It allows guests to feel like they’re in a naturally-occurring cave, immersed and surrounded by cave walls, but open to the elements from above.

Twilight Sky EffectSpecially designed lighting produces a twilight effect through a sparkling of lights, set against a backdrop of deep blues. The look of twinkling night stars in an endless sky offer a truly magnificent addition to any salt room.

Himalayan Salt Reception Desk

This unique feature is a welcoming first-impression piece constructed in your lobby or welcome centre. It’s what your clients see the moment they enter your front doors, setting the tone for the experience they are about to have.

Innovative Salt Room Business SolutionsCustom-built for your business’s unique needs, the Himalayan salt reception desk is constructed of hand-hewn salt bricks and back-lit to achieve the ultimate ‘wow’ factor. This unique piece is a great way to add style and function to other dimensions of your business.

Kids’ Salt Box

Salt therapy isn’t just for adults. For that reason, you should consider adding a salt box to either your lobby or salt cave so that children can also benefit from the tactile and immersive benefits of salt. Think of it like a sandbox, a tailor-made, enclosed play area specifically designed with children in mind, but featuring salt instead of sand. Children can sit and play directly in the salt box on fine-grain Himalayan salt crystals. Add toys like shovels, buckets and trucks to the salt box to up the enjoyment factor for the little ones.

Any of these additional features can enhance the atmosphere of your salt cave by providing additional beauty. Whatever you envision for your salt cave, Select Salt has options to bring your ideas to life.

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