There’s a lot of speculation around salt caves lately. Salt caves are a relatively new concept in North America, and they’ve taken the spa therapy world by storm. So it’s no wonder that people are asking the question:

“Do salt caves really work?”

What is a Salt Cave?

What is a Salt Cave?
What is a Salt Cave?
A salt cave is ultimately an artificial replica of an authentic salt mine microclimate.

Basically, it consists of a temperature and humidity controlled environment hosting a rich salt aerosol atmosphere, that is completely consumed by and constructed with Himalayan salt. Various value-add enhancements are sometimes incorporated like a salt-brine cascade, also known as a water-cascade.

A Brief History of Salt Caves

The benefits of a salt environment were discovered in the early 19th century by a Polish physician who observed that salt miners had significantly fewer respiratory ailments, and looked much younger for their age than coal miners. He believed these health benefits were a result of breathing in the air in the salt-rich atmosphere in the salt mines.

Shortly thereafter, going to salt mines and caves for healing purposes became popular form of therapy throughout Europe.

This method of therapy — of breathing in salt-rich air, became known as halotherapy.


Today, technology has allowed halotherapy to become more easily accessible to clients seeking the benefits of salt — without the need to venture into underground caves. In North America, halotherapy is a growing industry for relieving a number of respiratory, skin and health conditions.

What People are Saying

Normal vs Inflamed Air Passage
Normal vs Inflamed Air Passage
People who have tried halotherapy sessions at salt caves have reported benefits towards a vast array of health conditions including:

We’ve found various clinical studies that verify these benefits.

Is it Worth Visiting a Salt Cave?

Whether you are experiencing any of the respiratory or skin ailments listed above and are looking for relief, or even as a way to relax and find a calming environment to relieve stress, visiting a salt cave is a relatively inexpensive, easy and non-intrusive therapy method that you can experience for yourself.

Most people who visit a salt cave are repeat customers, and the feedback is unanimously positive.

Finding a Local Salt Cave

But don’t take our word for it. Find a local salt cave, talk to the spa owners and ask for customer feedback, and try it for yourself. It’s a wonderful experience and we think you’ll be pleasantly suprised.

Take a look at our salt cave builds to see if there’s one near you today.

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