What is a Salt Lamp?

Himalayan salt lamps, commonly known as just “salt lamps” are made from chunks of Himalayan salt, mined from the Khewra Salt Mine at the base of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours (depending on the mineral content), and are known for their mood enhancing ambient light, as well as their therapeutic benefits.

Salt Lamps — Do They Work?

There is a lot of speculation about whether salt lamps are actually beneficial to human health.

In this article we will explore the speculation, the empirical evidence, and also the clinical evidence currently available about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps.

Do salt lamps live up to the hype?

Is it worth getting a salt lamp?

The Salt Lamp Paradox

The Truth About Himalayan Salt Lamps
The claim is that the heat produced by the bulb inside the salt lamp releases negative ions in the salt, neutralizing the positively charged ions in the surrounding atmosphere.
One of the many benefits Himalayan salt lamps are thought to have is the elimination of free radicals (positively charged ions) in the atmosphere, which are known to be harmful to human health by robbing cells of electrons (negative ions). Free radicals damage human cells and contribute to many diseases.

The claim is that the heat produced by the bulb inside the salt lamp releases negative ions in the salt, neutralizing the positively charged ions in the surrounding atmosphere.

In an article titled “Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Really Work?”, Healthline.com points out that there is no evidence to claims that Himalayan salt lamps release enough negative ions in order to purify the air to benefit humans.

It’s important to note that the lack of scientific evidence is due to a lack of scientific research. This does not necessarily conclude that there are no benefits to salt lamps, or that there are no negative ions released by the Himalayan salt.

Nor should we conclude yet that there aren’t any other health benefits such as those derived from crystal therapy. Salt is, after all, a crystal. Crystalline substances are known to filter various frequencies of electromagnetic fields (EM fields) that can be harmful to human health.

The benefits of naturally occurring salt are well known, are documented, and backed by science, including that of halotherapy and speleotherapy.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

There are many health benefits of Himalayan salt therapy (known as halotherapy), and these benefits are backed by randomized, controlled, statistically significant evidence that exists and has been published in various medical journals over the last two decades.

Benefits include improvements for colds and flu, asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), emphysema, chronic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, psoriasis, eczema and various other skin conditions, as well as a measurable boost to the immune system.

That being said, these benefits are related to the various types of salt therapy as described below:

Types of Salt Therapy

There are various methods of both wet and dry salt therapy.

These methods involve microscopic salt particles coming in contact with our skin and/or respiratory systems (the nose, sinuses, and lungs) where the anti-microbial properties of salt provide detoxification effects resulting in decreased mucus production, reduced inflammation, and cleaner air passages.

Wet salt therapy methods include using a saline nasal spray, neti pot for nasal irrigation, gargling with salt water, or soaking in a salt bath.

Dry salt therapy methods include the use of a Himalayan salt detox dome, using a Himalayan salt inhaler, visiting a salt room or salt cave, or simply using a Himalayan salt lamp.

Once absorbed into the body, the microscopic salt particles provide benefits such as muscle relaxation, improved circulation, improved neural response, decreased body aches and pains, healing for all types of skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, and infections causing rashes or irritation.

Speculative Evidence for Salt Lamps

These are the unsubstantiated claims of Himalayan salt lamps. Keep in mind that unsubstantiated does not necessarily mean these claims are untrue:

✅ Heat based negative ion production cleans the air by binding to positive ions
✅ Reduces mucus buildup
✅ Improves breathing
✅ Assists with various respiratory conditions
✅ Increases energy levels
✅ Neutralize EM radiation levels
✅ Reduces anxiety
✅ Promotes deeper and better sleep
✅ Improves mood and concentration
✅ Treats Seasonal Affective Disorder
✅ Provides ambient light

Empirical Evidence for Salt Lamps

Natural shaped Himalayan salt lampsNatural shaped Himalayan salt lampsOne need only to ask someone who owns a Himalayan salt lamp, or to just try one for yourself.

Online reviews are filled with reports of improved breathing, improved relaxation, better mood and deeper sleep.

In addition to the above, many people also report rejuvenation of their skin, clearing up of scars and blemishes, reduction in wrinkles, as well as profound anti-aging effects.

All of these benefits are backed by clinical evidence.

Clinical Evidence for Salt Lamps

The results of one 2010 study by the Neurochemistry and Biochemical Neuropharmacology Research Unit in Pakistan claims that, in animals, exposure to a salt lamp for 14 weeks improved tryptophan and serotonin metabolism, leading to an antidepressant effect. The chemicals tryptophan and serotonin help regulate mood in the body.

The study above states:

For centuries people have known the ability of salt rock crystal to improve air qualities by enriching it with negative ions. Salt lamps are thought to be a good source of negative ions. In view of the claim of the salt lamp sellers regarding its beneficial effects the neurochemical study was an extension of the behavioral study conducted in rats. Test animals were exposed to salt lamp for 14 weeks.

And concludes:

…neurochemical analysis showed that brain tryptophan and 5-HT metabolism were increased after salt lamp exposure. The results are discussed in relevance to its antidepressant effects and other behavioral activities monitored previously.

Reasons to Get a Salt Lamp

✅ The clinical evidence is positive.

✅ The empirical evidence is positive.

✅ Himalayan salt lamps produce a natural ambient glow and a very subtle heat source.

✅ Whether it’s to improve relaxation, reduce stress, increase energy levels, promote better sleep patterns, improve your overall sense of well-being, or just for decorative purposes, getting a salt lamp or two seems to be a great choice.

Types, Sizes and Styles of Salt Lamps

Animal Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps
Animal Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps
There are almost an unlimited number of sizes and shapes of salt lamps available today. Here are just a few:

✅ Natural shaped Himalayan salt lamp.
✅ Globe shaped Himalayan salt lamp.
✅ Pyramid shaped Himalayan salt lamp.
✅ Teardrop shaped Himalayan salt lamp.
✅ Eagle shaped Himalayan salt lamp.
✅ Dog/puppy shaped Himalayan salt lamp.
✅ Cat/kitten Himalayan salt lamp.
✅ Dolphin shaped Himalayan salt lamp.
✅ Turtle shaped Himalayan salt lamp.

Where can I buy a salt lamp?

At Select Salt, we carry all of the Himalayan salt lamps listed above. Contact us if you’re interested in placing an order.

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