A question we are asked more and more often in the age of Halotherapy is: is it safe for children?

Halotherapy is an alternative holistic therapy which allows you to breathe in medical grade dry salt aerosol for a variety of health benefits involving respiratory health, skin health, and immune boosting effects.

Whereas most clinical trials and studies on the effects of Halotherapy are on human health, there are a few studies that specifically address the effects of Halotherapy on children, in various double-blind clinical trials.

Listed at the bottom of this article are just a few studies that reference children.

Effects of Salt Therapy on Children

If you’re a parent, naturally you will be concerned when trying new therapeutic treatments with your children, especially when the results are not widely known. Are there any side effects?

And rightly so. The respiratory and immune systems of adolescent children are not fully developed until the age of 10. Therefore, it’s imperative to know the implications of Halotherapy on children.

As of the writing of this article, there are no known negative side effects towards children and Halotherapy.

Studies have conclusively shown that Halotherapy is not only safe for adults, but also for children of all ages — including babies and expectant mothers.

The Scientific Evidence of Halotherapy and Children

Listed below, we’ve cited the scientific and medical journals with the abstracts of clinical trials related to halotherapy, specifically with regards to children.

The Clinical Studies in Chronological Order

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