Salt therapy is safe during pregnancy and provides benefits to both mother and baby


Pregnancy and Halotherapy A friend of mine recently announced her pregnancy and lamented about all the things she had to give up. Alcohol, sushi and soft cheeses were immediate no-nos. She also had to part with Advil, certain parts of her skin care routine, and visits to steam rooms.

But one thing she wanted to keep was a health and wellness routine. And this wasn’t so surprising. Pregnancy wellness is a booming segment of the wellness industry — something that all halotherapy business owners should know. New, pregnancy-specific fitness clubs are popping up throughout North America. And pregnant women are also seeking more targeted offerings. What’s more, these offerings can help women prepare mentally and physically for the journey ahead.

And that’s good news for halotherapy business owners, who can leverage this segment of their clientele. For many salt cave business owners, this is an untapped market, but one that is worth exploring.

Here’s what you need to know about halotherapy and pregnancy:

First thing’s first: Is halotherapy safe during pregnancy?

Yes, halotherapy is 100% safe during pregnancy. Because salt therapy is a completely natural and drug-free treatment, it’s safe for people of all ages and stages. Salt caves simply replicate the microclimate of naturally-formed salt caves found throughout the world. Companies like Select Salt build their caves free of foam, paint and papier-mâché. And we utilize only 100% authentic Himalayan salt, which is a material found in nature. Of course, it’s always a good idea to consult your health-care provider for answers to any questions you have.

Is there a benefit to enjoying halotherapy when pregnant?

Not only is salt therapy safe for expectant mothers, it may also provide additional health and wellness benefits. Halotherapy is widely known as a treatment for common respiratory and pulmonary ailments. For example, it can help those who suffer from asthma and congestion. This is great news for pregnant women, as halotherapy has the potential to alleviate breathing issues and even allergies. Furthermore, this reduces reliance on over-the-counter medications that many women prefer to avoid during their pregnancies.

Also, halotherapy is a common treatment used to promote relaxation, and reduce stress, tension and anxiety. And all these issues are common among pregnant women. With so many unknowns and considerations to think about during pregnancy, halotherapy is a great way to relax. In a salt cave, you can clear your mind from the stresses that accompany the journey towards a baby.

What considerations should halotherapy rooms make for pregnant women?

It’s essential to remember that comfort is key. Since halotherapy rooms are often kept at a around 20°C (68°F), offering extras for optimum comfort is appreciated. Make sure to stock blankets, slipper, robes or socks that can be used by guests to add warmth. Consider seating options that allow pregnant women to recline or adjust their position as needed. Zero-gravity chairs are a nice way to create a tranquil and comfortable environment. Moreover, neck and head pillows add a touch of luxury and also provide options for relaxation.

How can you cater your salt cave services for pregnant women?

There are many services that you can offer that will appeal to expectant mothers. Options to relax and unwind are wonderful, and something that will appeal to a wide range of customers. But you can also consider classes or offerings specifically for pregnancy. Do you have the capability to offer massage therapy in your salt room? If yes, you might want to consider expanding your services to include pre-natal and post-partum massages. Do you currently offer meditation in your salt cave? Think about tailoring a meditation practice to expectant mothers that allows them to focus on connecting to their changing bodies. This can include practicing breathing techniques, and preparing their minds for a baby. Or perhaps you already offer yoga in your salt room? Pregnancy yoga is a more customized practice for expecting women that you can also offer.

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