In this guide we discuss how to prepare USP Grade Halogenerator salt for use in your salt aerosol generator device.

It is advisable to delegate the operation of the halogenerator device, and the handling of salt, to one or two people maximum — in order to ensure that these procedures are always followed. This will ensure the longevity of the device.

The Halogenerator Device

The HaloSPA-03 Halogenerator
The HaloSPA-03 Halogenerator
First, it’s important to use a medical grade, professional salt aerosol generator, otherwise known as a Halogenerator.

This is the device that provides the correct concentration of salt aerosol to your patrons for optimal therapeutic benefits.

We recommend the HaloSPA-03 Halogenerator by Halomed — as it produces the specific concentration of salt aerosol for Halotherapy (based on room size), and in our experience, it is one of the most reliable salt aerosol generators around, and comes with an 18 month manufacturer’s warranty.

The Halogerator Salt

Second, it’s important to make sure you are using pure, USP grade or pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride crystals in your device in order to provide optimum therapeutic benefits to your customers. This will ensure that the salt crystals are pure and contain no additives, contaminants, or anti-caking agents.

You only need to add a small amount of halogenerator salt to your halogenerator device (about a handful, depending on the instructions of your specific device).

You can purchase USP Grade Halogenerator salt from us in 10kg buckets.

Preparing the Salt

Pre-drying the salt in a toaster oven
Pre-drying the salt in a toaster oven
In some cases, while in storage, your halogenerator salt may accumulate moisture from the environment, and can become clumpy.

Depending on how hard the clumps are, removing moisture from the salt is a simple process of heating it up in a small oven. A toaster oven is optimal, because it doesn’t take up much space. This process is known as pre-drying the salt.

Pre-Drying the Salt

Salt can be baked in a metal container or tray, in an oven or toaster oven at 400 °F for approximately 4 – 5 minutes, or just long enough to evaporate any moisture, and the removal of clumps.

Do not over heat the salt — it should not turn black.

Do not use a microwave oven.

Use protective gloves to avoid getting burned.

Storing the Salt

Mason Jars: A great way to store your halogenerator salt
Mason Jars: A great way to store your halogenerator salt
Always store halogenerator salt in air-tight, moisture proof containers.

Pro-tip: Once you have pre-dried your salt, you can store small quantities in mason jars: enough salt for a single session, per jar.

This will help you conserve and maintain your halogenerator salt.

Loading the Salt

Load salt into your halogenerator at the beginning of each session (refer to operating manual for detailed instructions).

It is not advisable to re-use salt that has been sitting from a previous session. Discard any left-over/old salt before starting a new session for the next day.

If salt is clumpy (or has been exposed to moisture), you will have to pre-dry the salt.


To keep your halogenerator working smoothly, it is recommended to simply spend a couple of minutes each day to clean the salt compartment, and once per month to clean the fan. Please consult your Operating Manual for detailed instructions for operating and maintaining your halogenerator device.

We hope you found the information above useful. Leave a comment below, or contact us if you have any questions.

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