Halotherapy and the Salt Atmosphere

We take our business and design of salt rooms very seriously. In this article I’d like to share some valuable information that may be helpful about salt concentration.

Halotherapy is a well known and precise form of holistic therapy, and is backed by science and medical journals. We’ve compiled these journals in a list in this blog article, for reference. We have various other articles citing various references, but that’s our comprehensive list.

The salt atmoshpere of an authentic salt mine: The Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan
The salt atmoshpere of an authentic salt mine: The Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan
It’s important to understand that halotherapy is an exact science. The concentration of salt in the atmosphere must be specific, as it must closely resemble the salt aerosol concentrations found in authentic Himalayan salt mines throughout Europe, well known for providing various health benefits to their patrons.

The halogenerator that we use is designed by a company in Europe called Halomed. The model that we install in our salt rooms and salt caves is the HaloSPA-03.

The HaloSPA-03 Halogenerator
The HaloSPA-03 Halogenerator
We use this unit because of its reliability and level of sophistication. It has been in development for over 2 decades and has gone through numerous upgrades and enhancements for the purpose of halotherapy.

The HaloSPA-03 can be tuned to specific salt concentrations depending on the size of the room in question, and the salt aerosol particles range from 5 – 8 microns in size. This is an important factor when determining the effectiveness of dry salt therapy. For this reason, Halomed is the only manufacturer in the world that we recommend for halotherapy devices.

The halogenerator salt that we use and supply is USP grade sodium chloride and comes with a Certificate of Analysis. The HaloSPA03 device then creates salt aerosol in the order of 5 – 8 microns in size, and then disperses it into the room, based on the specific dimensions of the room — it does this automatically, and no guess work is involved. The salt concentration in the atmosphere, along with the room temperature and the humidity levels are all precisely controlled in order to provide optimal therapeutic benefit for human health.

I would further mention that if you can smell and taste the salt on your lips, it’s likely too high of a concentration for therapeutic benefits. Of course, the salt aerosol concentration can be adjusted manually on the device — but this must be done with knowledge and intention. Cranking the concentration to the maximum output is not recommended and can be unhealthy, and even dangerous.

Also keep in mind that if there is a water cascade in the room with salt brine flowing over salt rocks, it will disperse a salt mist into the atmosphere — usually this will allow one to smell and taste the salt mist on their lips — this is ok. This is suitable for wet halotherapy. Sometimes both, the water cascade and halogenerator are used, and sometimes, just one.

We hope you found the information above useful. Leave a comment below, or contact us if you have any questions.

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