Halotherapy Industry Explodes in 2022

The salt therapy industry is currently experiencing an explosive growth curve in 2022, and the North American salt therapy market is virtually untapped.

For context, every spa in European countries offer halotherapy sessions in a salt cave, as a primary service. Throughout Canada and the United States, there are now just over 2000 facilities offering salt therapy. Relatively speaking, you may find a local salt cave in your area — if you’re lucky.

The new trend is to simply add a salt cave to your existing salon or spa.

Global Industry Forecast

Halotherapy Growth Trends
Halotherapy Growth Trends
Now that pandemic restrictions and lockdowns have been lifted and economies have started to thrive, the salt therapy industry is one of the few experiencing explosive growth in North America.

Global Wellness Institute lists some current statistics and facts and finds that the United States

“is by far the largest wellness market in the world, currently at $1.2 trillion, nearly double the size of the second-largest market, China, at $683 billion.”

They also predict that there will be

“9.9% average annual growth, with the wellness economy reaching nearly $7.0 trillion in 2025.”

Supply and Demand for Halotherapy

Booming Supply of Himalayan Salt: Khewra Salt Mine
Booming Supply of Himalayan Salt: Khewra Salt Mine
The supply chain of Himalayan Salt is in full swing at the base of the Himalayan mountains, as thousands of local companies have established salt mining processes — and there is no shortage of Himalayan salt supply.

Business Insider calculates that

“800 million pounds of Himalayan salt are mined each year.”

On the flipside, there is a shortage of distributors of Himalayan salt products and building materials.

Analysis: Now is the best time to open a salt therapy spa.

Steps to Open a Salt Therapy Spa

1. Find a Location

The first step is finding a location. Any finished room can be converted into a salt cave or salt room.

2. Determine Size Requirements

The room size will depend on how many patrons you wish to service at once. For context, a minimum 200 ft.² room can comfortably accommodate 3 – 4 zero gravity lounge chairs.

You can also offer combined therapy services. Almost any spa treatment or therapy session can be combined with salt therapy, by offering the session inside the salt room, in addition to halotherapy sessions in the larger salt cave.

Some examples include yoga, massage, reiki, and meditation.

3. Secure Financing

Once you’ve found a space, you will need to know your costs involved.

It’s also important to have an idea of your return on investment (ROI) (as the article points out, it’s very high).

We offer a holistic pricing model which is transparent and based off of the total square footage of the room.

We can provide you a detailed cost estimate, based on your room size(s), which you can base your financing options on.

4. Securing a Salt Cave Builder

A very important step in order to stick to the timeline you are looking at: You want your salt therapy spa ready-to-go on opening day.

When you consider the lead time involved with starting a build, getting onto your builder’s calendar as soon as possible will prevent any potential delays.

Once this step is done, you can go to bed with peace of mind. Which leads us to the final step…

5. Getting Started

Salt Therapy Spa: Turnkey Business
Salt Therapy Spa: Turnkey Business
Once you’ve determined your total costs and secured financing, we can create your dream. We will design, build, and install it complete and ready to operate:

Turn key! It’s as simple as that.

We take care of your salt therapy project from start to finish. We can help with setting up a business plan and marketing your salt therapy business.

We will provide you with various customization, advanced sound and lighting options. Detailed blueprints with cross-sectional diagrams will give you a vision of what your salt spa will look like.

Contact us to get a quote today.

We hope you found the information above useful. Leave a comment below, or contact us if you have any questions.

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