Experience the detoxifying effects of a traditional sauna and the therapeutic benefits of Halotherapy in one — in a unique Himalayan Salt Sauna.

What is a Himalayan Salt Sauna?

Salt sauna oven
Salt sauna oven
A Himalayan salt sauna is simply a combination of a conventional sauna, and a Himalayan salt room or salt cave.

A conventional sauna is an enclosed room built with cedar walls and benches, and an oven which generates steam and heat. Another type of conventional sauna is an infrared sauna, which uses ceramic panels to generate heat as light waves, instead of an oven. The purpose of a sauna is to relax the muscles and sweat out toxins, while reducing physical stress.

A Himalayan Salt Sauna takes it one step further, allowing for the additional benefits of salt therapy, otherwise known as Halotherapy, in addition to the detoxifying effects of a sauna.

Convert any Sauna into a Salt Sauna

Himalayan salt sauna
Himalayan salt sauna
Regardless of what type of sauna you have, it can be easily “upgraded” or converted into a Himalayan salt sauna, with the addition of authentic Himalayan salt boulders and bricks and fixtures throughout the room.

Benefits of a Salt Sauna

While Halotherapy and salt rooms are a relatively new concept in North America, regular spa services and saunas can be found almost anywhere. As more and more people are discovering the health benefits of salt therapy and salt rooms, many spa owners are looking at upgrading existing therapy rooms into salt rooms, doubling up on the types of therapy that can be offered in the same space.

Many spa owners now offer combination spa services such as reiki, massage therapy, and yoga within the salt room as a method of combining therapy sessions with the therapeutic benefits of halotherapy.

If You Have an Existing Sauna

Wall mounted portable Himalayan salt panels
Wall mounted portable Himalayan salt panels
If you have an existing conventional sauna, it can easily be converted into a Himalayan salt sauna.

We import authentic Himalayan salt rock from the Khewra salt mine at the base of the Himalayan mountains, which is then precision cut and honed into translucent bricks and tiles. We then apply high quality ambient backlighting, which can be adjusted via a dimmer switch to the walls and the bench areas.

We encase the entire room in ambient backlit salt rock, bricks or tiles. A typical salt room consists of a stalactite ceiling with fibre-optic lighting. Salt sauna ceilings, like conventional saunas, for the most part are lined with cedar beams.

Finally, an illuminated salt brick pathway and a layer of large-grain pink Himalayan salt crystals can cover the floor. Optionally, the floor, like the ceiling, can be left status quo as per conventional sauna.

Let the Healing Begin

Any sauna can be upgraded to a salt sauna
Any sauna can be upgraded to a salt sauna
Combining the benefits of Halotherapy with any other form of spa therapy is a win-win for both the spa owners, and the customers. Regular Halotherapy sessions can promote and enhance healing for various respiratory and skin ailments, and have been verified and documented in various clinical studies, not to mention the feedback and success stories from repeat customers around the world.

We hope you found the information above useful. Leave a comment below, or contact us if you have any questions.

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