The Himalayan Salt Sauna

The Himalayan Salt Sauna

The addition of authentic Himalayan salt into a sauna elevates the experience of any sauna to another level.

It’s been clinically proven that regular sauna use drastically increases life span. Science Daily reports that “Sauna use associated with reduced risk of cardiac, all-cause mortality.”

And now, the use of Himalayan salt in your sauna improves your breathing, blood circulation, relaxes your body and provides significant health benefits as well. When the salt is illuminated there is also a soft ambiance and welcoming atmosphere, making regular sauna sessions even more soothing.

What is a Himalayan Salt Sauna?

Cedar lined illuminated salt brick ceiling
Cedar lined illuminated salt brick ceiling
Basically it’s a regular sauna, but with the added health benefits of halotherapy, utilizing authentic Himalayan salt rocks and bricks.

We import authentic Himalayan salt rock from the Khewra salt mine at the base of the Himalayan mountains, which is then precision cut and honed into translucent bricks and tiles. We then apply high quality ambient backlighting to the walls and the bench areas, which can be adjusted via a dimmer switch.

We encase the entire room in ambient backlit salt bricks or tiles.

Finally, an illuminated salt brick pathway and a layer of large-grain pink Himalayan salt crystals cover the entire floor.

Optionally, the floor, like the ceiling, can be left status quo as per conventional sauna.

Salt Sauna Requirements

Himalayan Salt Wall with Ambient Lighting
Himalayan Salt Wall with Ambient Lighting
To create your own Himalayan Salt Sauna, all you need is a fully enclosed room, as it needs to retain heat.

The room size can vary, depending on the number of patrons you wish to serve at once.

If you have a room available, you can turn it into a completely customized authentic Himalayan Salt Sauna.

Salt Sauna Build Options

The Sauna Ceiling

You can retain the typical sauna ceiling, or upgrade to cedar beams with ambient backlit salt tiles.

Salt Wall

Salt walls promote cleaner air in the environment reducing microbes and airborne contaminants, while providing atmospheric salt, giving a “clean air” experience much like beside the sea. The combined benefits of the sauna with heated Himalayan salt is a truly unbeatable sauna experience.

Salt Benches

Fully encased Himalayan salt bench
Fully encased Himalayan salt bench

Typical sauna benches are made of wood, and can be either 1 or 2 tier.

We can completely encase your sauna benches in precision cut Himalayan salt tiles with various illumination options for custom lighting effects.

Sauna Oven

Conventional, old-fashioned sauna ovens are the best method of getting more from your Himalayan salt sauna. We do not recommend infra-red elements, as this doesn’t create atmospheric heat which is necessary to activate the Himalayan salt ions.

Himalayan Salt Floor

The Himalayan salt brick panel
The Himalayan salt brick panel
You can retain a conventional wooden floor, or have the entire floor covered in large grain pink Himalayan salt crystals for a more robust and authentic Himalayan salt experience. Space permitting, an illuminated salt brick pathway with illuminated edges will add to the visual appeal and will accommodate wheelchair patrons.

Backlighting Options

Each salt wall, salt bench or the salt tile ceiling option can incorporate full or partial backlighting, connected to a dimmer switch allowing for full control of lighting ambiance to match your patron’s moods.

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