Some customers have inquired about smaller spaces where a salt cave or salt room build is not feasible.

In such cases, we can provide individual Himalayan salt walls.

In rare cases, where space is even more limited, we can provide fully portable 3′ x 3′ Himalayan salt panels which can be mounted to any wall.

Portable Himalayan Salt Panel: Details

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Pictured: 3′ x 3′ Himalayan salt panel with a 5″ deep dark wooden frame.

These panels can be made with or without backlighting, and incorporate both flat and natural finish authentic Himalayan bricks and tiles. The 5 inch deep wooden border is stained in red mahogany. Can be mounted to any wall as a beautiful decorative piece.

Where Can I Buy a Himalayan Salt Panel Online?

You can purchase authentic Himalayan Salt Panels online here:

Himalayan Salt Panel Portable Himalayan Salt Panel (3’x3′)
Himalayan Salt Panel

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