How to Build a Salt Cave

How to build a salt cave or salt room
How to build a salt cave or salt room
If you are interested in building a salt cave or a salt room, this page will give you the basic information you need to get started, from concept, planning, build options, additional components, pricing and marketing, to a full business plan for building and running a salt cave.

Salt Cave vs. Salt Room

They both function the same, the main difference is basically the addition of more rustic elements, like the application of boulders for a salt cave versus bricks and or tiles for a salt room.

Given the size and weight of the Himalayan rocks and boulders, a larger room or frame is required for a salt cave. Business owners can however offer the same services (salt-therapy, massage, yoga, meditation, reiki, etc..) in both a salt room and salt cave.

Why Build a Salt Cave?

Building a salt room or salt cave will allow you, your family and friends to experience the wonderful benefits of Halotherapy. Offering this service to others is a great way to give back to your community.

If you already run a spa business, it’s a great way to diversify and offer more to your customers, and the best way to increase your revenue.

What Goes in a Salt Cave?

Components of a salt cave
Components of a salt cave
The basic elements in a salt cave involve lining the walls and ceiling with Himalayan salt boulders, tiles and or bricks, and the floors with granulated pink Himalayan salt crystals; and sometimes a brick walkway allowing for wheelchair accessibility.

There are two main components in a salt cave. One is the water-cascade (which produces the Himalayan salt mist/brine), and the second is the Halogenerator — a medical grade machine which grinds salt crystals into microscopic particles and then disperses them into the air.

Besides the dry and wet salt therapy components, we need to create an atmosphere of tranquility, relaxation and meditation. We accomplish this with carefully placed lighting along the walls along with fibre-optic lighting within a stalactite ceiling, and some speakers for relaxing sounds or music.

Other components you can add to your salt cave can include a skylight, salt chimney, salt bench, salt reception desk, and children’s saltbox.

During the design stage of the salt cave or salt room build-out, we welcome and encourage our clients’ creativity and feedback. This is vital to the success of the finished product.

Putting it All Together

From general guidance, to operation, marketing, structure, and finances, we can help you build a salt cave business plan to help get everything in perspective.

In this article we can also help you create a marketing plan for your salt cave business.

Costs Involved in Building a Salt Cave

The most cost-effective method of building a salt cave is to have it built and designed by a specialized salt cave builder, and will drastically reduce your individual costs.

At Select Salt, we can give you a competitive quote to convert your particular space into a salt cave or room. This is your most efficient method to build a salt cave or salt room for your community.

We only use authentic Himalayan salt. We pride ourselves on the highest standard of workmanship and take no shortcuts, like the use of foam or papier-mâché (both of which are flammable and can be unsafe), anywhere in our salt caves or rooms.

Our clients love our pricing models because they are holistic, transparent and based off of the total salt cave or salt room’s square footage. Turn key!

Contact us for a quote and we’ll be glad to help.

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