Himalayan salt, with its stunning pink hue and numerous health benefits, has gained immense popularity in recent years. Beyond its culinary uses, Himalayan salt can be incorporated into your beauty routine as well.

Creating your own DIY beauty products using Himalayan salt is not only cost-effective but also allows you to harness its natural healing properties for your skin and hair.

In this article, we will explore various homemade beauty product recipes and step-by-step instructions to incorporate Himalayan salt into your daily skincare and haircare regimen.

1. Himalayan Salt Scrub

Himalayan Salt Scrub
Himalayan Salt Scrub
Himalayan salt is an excellent natural exfoliant that can help remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

– 1 cup of fine Himalayan salt
– ½ cup of coconut oil (or any carrier oil of your choice)
– 10-15 drops of essential oil (e.g., lavender, eucalyptus, or citrus)

1. In a bowl, combine the Himalayan salt and coconut oil.
2. Add your preferred essential oil for a pleasant fragrance and added skin benefits.
3. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until you achieve a grainy yet cohesive consistency.
4. Store the mixture in a clean, airtight container.

To use:
1. Apply a small amount of the Himalayan salt scrub to damp skin.
2. Gently massage in circular motions for a few minutes.
3. Rinse with warm water.
4. Pat your skin dry and enjoy the refreshed and radiant feel.

2. Himalayan Salt Bath Soak

Himalayan Salt Bath Soak
Himalayan Salt Bath Soak
A Himalayan salt bath soak is an excellent way to relax and detoxify your body while nourishing your skin.

– 1 cup of coarse Himalayan salt
– A few drops of your favorite essential oil (e.g., lavender, chamomile, or rose)

1. Fill your bathtub with warm water.
2. Add the coarse Himalayan salt to the running water and let it dissolve.
3. Incorporate a few drops of essential oil for a soothing aroma.
4. Soak in the bath for 20-30 minutes, allowing the minerals to absorb into your skin.

3. Himalayan Salt Hair Scrub

Himalayan Salt Hair Scrub
Himalayan Salt Hair Scrub
Himalayan salt can help remove product buildup and promote a healthy scalp, leading to stronger and shinier hair.

– ½ cup of fine Himalayan salt
– 2 tablespoons of olive oil
– 5-7 drops of tea tree oil (for scalp health)

1. In a bowl, combine the Himalayan salt, olive oil, and tea tree oil.
2. Mix until you have a paste-like consistency.

To use:
1. Dampen your hair and scalp.
2. Apply the Himalayan salt scrub to your scalp and massage gently for 3-5 minutes.
3. Rinse thoroughly and follow with your regular shampoo and conditioner routine.

4. Himalayan Salt Toner

Himalayan Salt Toner
Himalayan Salt Toner
Himalayan salt can balance the skin’s pH, tighten pores, and reduce inflammation, making it an excellent addition to your daily skincare routine.

– 1 cup of distilled water
– 1 teaspoon of finely ground Himalayan salt
– A clean spray bottle

1. In a clean container, combine the distilled water and finely ground Himalayan salt.
2. Stir until the salt is fully dissolved.
3. Pour the mixture into a clean spray bottle.

To use:
1. After cleansing your face, close your eyes and lightly spritz the Himalayan salt toner onto your skin.
2. Allow it to air dry or gently pat it into your skin with a clean cloth.


Himalayan salt’s natural minerals and exfoliating properties make it a fantastic addition to your beauty routine. These DIY beauty products allow you to harness the benefits of Himalayan salt while avoiding harmful chemicals found in many store-bought products. Incorporate these homemade beauty products into your regimen for healthier, more radiant skin and hair.

We hope you found the information above useful. Leave a comment below, or contact us if you have any questions.

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