Everything you wanted to know about Salt Cave Maintenance

Many people who are getting started with the salt therapy business ask this question:

“What does it take to maintain a salt cave?”

Salt therapy and salt cave spas are relatively new in North America, but have been an age old practice in European countries, so the question is understandable.

Once your salt cave is up and running, maintaining it is relatively simple. Listed below are the basic maintenance requirements (tips) for a salt cave or salt room spa:

Temperature Control

Salt caves are generally maintained at a cooler temperature than room temperature, and the recommended thermostat setting is between 66 – 68°F (19 – 20°C). This is the optimal temperature for your Himalayan salt.

Humidity Levels

Humidity level for salt cave maintenance is optimal at 25 – 30% (to a maximum of 35%). This also helps to maintain the salt within the cave for longer life.

The Halogenerator

The halogenerator is the device that disperses micronized salt particles into the atmosphere within the salt cave. It operates unattended, and will only require that you place salt into the feeder mechanism (every session) which releases the dry salt into your salt room. A cleaning kit also comes with the device for added maintenance and care.

The Floor

If your salt cave floor is covered with a layer of Himalayan salt crystals, you will probably want to “flatten” it — as it tends to become disrupted when walked on. Prior to each session, simply use a garden rake to make the floor even and more aesthetically pleasing.

The Water Cascade

Besides the soothing sound of a trickling stream, it serves to disperse salt-rich water vapour into the atmosphere. Over time, the salt from the water stream slowly accumulates and crystallizes onto the salt bricks, rocks and twigs. The salt spreads like an ivy tree, so after an extended period of time, you may want to clean any excessive salt accumulation by simply scraping it off. Every month or so you will also replenish the water basin with Himalayan salt chunks. Lastly, the water tube is occasionally cleaned with a hot, wet cloth.

Costs to Maintain a Salt Cave

Costs to maintain a salt cave
Costs to maintain a salt cave
The most asked question is:

“What does it cost to maintain a salt cave?”

Other than your standard operating costs to run a business (such as utilities, employee wages, office supplies, etc.), the only costs specifically associated with maintaining your salt cave is the cost of the salt that you add to your halogenerator, and water-cascade (if you have one).

An average salt cave will run through approximately 50 – 60 lbs of salt in a year — and the cost is about $200 for this amount of salt — and is usually supplied by your salt cave builder.

We hope you found the information above useful. Leave a comment below, or contact us if you have any further questions.

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