The Salt Cave of Kokoro Spa

Owen Sound, ON

The Salt Cave of Kokoro Spa, Owen Sound, Ontario

The first and only Himalayan Salt Cave in Owen Sound, Ontario resides in Kokoro Spa, a healing and wellness centre.

“Kokoro” is a Japanese word which stands for “heart, mind, mentality, emotions, and feelings”, so it was imperative that this cave incorporate all the authentic sights and sounds of a genuine Himalayan salt cave.


Construction Details

Every salt cave we build is a custom design, and we work closely with our client to accommodate custom design requests in order to make the cave as holistic and unique as possible. Kokoro Spa was no exception. This establishment in particular provided an elongated space for us to work with, and we catered to that space with immaculate attention to detail.  

This “salt sanctuary” features a stalactite ceiling with tranquil fibre-optic lighting and built in hidden speakers — some of Select Salt’s hallmark features.

Two majestic custom-made salt water-cascades, one on either side of the cave serve both form and function.  Constructed mostly of soft wood, tile and salt bricks, the water is infused with salt which gently cascades over more salt crystals, rocks and branches, dispersing a mist of negative ions and minerals into the air for therapeutic benefits.

Over time, the water stream facilitates the growth of salt crystals, almost taking on a life of their own — onto the rocks, and branches off like ivy trees at the base of the stream. What’s more, these water cascades provide beautiful visual appeal, along with the tranquil sounds of trickling water, further enhancing an authentic salt cave experience.

Notice the custom wooden framework built around the improvised “cave doors”, and also the wooden support beams within the cave structure, emulating the methods used in real-life underground mining caves, for an authentic rustic visual appeal.

Adding to the natural ambience is randomly stacked lighting mounted into the Himalayan salt bricks and boulders within the walls, and on either side of the “cave” entrance, further unifying the space and adding to it’s breathtaking aesthetics.

High ceilings optimize the cave’s serene beauty. This cave is the perfect place to unwind in comfort while enjoying the full benefits of halotherapy.

Per the client’s request, a beautiful pink salt brick walkway was also installed allowing for wheelchair accessibility.

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