Nature’s Gifts and Organic Spa Salt Cave

Stouffville, ON

Nature’s Gifts and Organic Spa Salt Cave

Each wall of this salt cave at Nature’s Gifts and Organic Spa was custom designed and built with total relaxation in mind.

To build this cave, Select Salt hand-picked, shaped, and placed each salt brick and boulder with diligent craftsmanship and precision. The floor of this salt room is 100% pure loose pink Himalayan salt crystal.

Construction Details

Tailor-made salt pillars help anchor the room’s corners. These incorporate raw and rough salt boulders meticulously stacked for an authentic salt cave-like feel. The gorgeous natural striations and colours of these materials, along with the back lighting provide a natural ambiance, as the salt bricks appear to “glow” and radiate healing energy. This wall treatment plays upon the natural formations inherent in Himalayan salt.

Custom wooden cross beams and a wooden cave door further emulate a rustic cave environment. Ambient colour lighting in the stalactite ceiling, and calming music also boost the sensory experience of this salt cave. Sounds are delivered through hidden speakers within the cave. Beautiful sound and an amazing light show cascade throughout the atmospheric room.

To accommodate wheelchair accessibility, a custom made salt-brick pathway was also built, further enhancing the salt cave’s beauty and functionality.

Here, you can de-stress and benefit from salt’s healing qualities, as the hidden halo-generator silently delivers healing ions found in salt into the atmosphere.

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