Roslyn Salt Cave

Roslyn, NY

Roslyn Salt Cave

Select Salt was chosen to construct this captivating Himalayan Salt Cave in Roslyn, NY. Composed of over 12,000 pounds of authentic Himalayan salt, the beautiful Roslyn Salt Cave is one-of-a-kind. This controlled holistic environment simulates a naturally occurring salt cave deep underground. Furthermore, this is a salt cave that excites all the senses.

Construction Details

Select Salt worked with the owners to design this cave using crystals, boulders, bricks and tiles. Roslyn Salt Cave uses the amazing space for many unique purposes. Guests can enjoy massage, meditation, and sound therapy in the cave, in addition to dry salt therapy. Practices include instructor-led meditations or individually guided practices.

Also, the entryway salt brick platform serves as a perfect place for instructors to lead their healing practices. Visitors to the cave relax by stretching out in reclining chairs, wrapped in the comfort of thick wool blankets. Or, guests can meditate sitting right in the loose salt crystals on the floor. 

 Illuminated salt brick pillars add soothing lighting to an already tranquil space. The behind-brick lighting beautifully illuminates the gorgeous natural qualities of salt, making for a serene environment. Creamy white, blush pink and coral accents warm the salt room and provide a striking visual aesthetic. A large, beautifully-constructed salt water cascade enriches the air with additional salt therapy benefits. Natural stone in various shades of grey overlap in the water cascade’s façade for optimum beauty. 

An advanced halo-generator pumps nutrient-rich salt into the environment, providing strong health benefits. The peaks on Select Salt’s trademark stalactites drip beautifully from the ceiling for the ultimate cave-like experience. Colourful, fibre-optic lighting is carefully placed to create a twilight glow. Custom, in-set lighting is carved in between stack salt boulders on both sides of the wall. Salt therapy is enhanced through the beautiful elements of this space, which makes unwinding in relaxation a tranquil reality.

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