The Himalayan Cave

Mentor, Ohio

Mentor, Ohio

Following a successful design proposal in June 2017, Select Salt completed Mentor Ohio’s first Himalayan Salt Cave. This establishment is better known as The Himalayan Cave. This man-made structure was constructed from floor-to-ceiling using 13,000 pounds of white and pink Himalayan salt.

Construction Details

This “salt sanctuary” also features a stalactite ceiling with tranquil fibre-optic lighting, Select Salt’s hallmark features. A unique Himalayan salt bench, incorporating lumbar support, is a work of art made entirely from salt bricks. Its addition to the cave adds a breathtaking aesthetic. Furthermore, it offers additional seating so that the cave’s halo-therapy benefits can be enjoyed by many.

A custom-made salt chimney and salt water-cascade provide beautiful design elements to set the tone. Structural features include metal framing and sheetrock to promote weight distribution.

High ceilings optimize the cave’s serene beauty. In this space, the craftsmanship of the cave is showcased. Certainly, the cave provides a special retreat to escape to after a long day of work.

“We believe we are only as good as our last project.
So continuous improvement is in all that we do.”