“I absolutely love the prices of your salt products and your customer service reps are so pleasant to talk to.”
Lauren C.

“Your Himalayan bath salt has changed my world. In ways I cannot describe publicly 😊. I use about 500 grams of your pink Himalayan salt per bath, so your volume discounts are truly helpful.”
John N.

“Awesome selection of salt products. I really appreciate how much care you put into the packing. Our naturally shaped Himalayan salt lamps are a hit at home. Thank you.”
Elyse C.

“Nice website. Easy to use and very functional. Our family has been cooking with your salt for years.”
Neil H.

“Select Salt built our salt cave and massage salt rooms in Guelph almost 5 years ago. To this day, their ongoing customer support and quality of salt products I buy for our store are by far the most superior I have come across in North America!”
Julie K.

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Leave a Testimonial

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