The Spa – Himalayan Salt Cave

Ottawa, Ontario

The Spa – Himalayan Salt Cave

No salt cave is too big or too small for Select Salt. This truly functional design for Ottawa’s The Spa uses its space to the fullest potential. Ultimately, it creates an unbelievable salt cave experience. Select Salt built an unbelievable, unique salt therapy room inside this beautiful heritage building in Canada’s national capital. Furthermore, it did this utilizing existing fixtures and framing.

Construction Details

Custom Himalayan salt tiles were imported from Pakistan’s mountainous Himalayan region to create this modern salt therapy spa. Certainly, it’s a wonderful addition to the existing business at The Spa. This cave was designed in careful consultation with the client and constructed by Select Salt. During construction, Select Salt also leveraged historical architecture and sustainable energy. This has become a hallmark in the industry.

In The Spa’s salt cave, a top-of-the-line halogenerator pumps rich air filled with negative ions into the space. This seamlessly disperses salt’s healing powers. Zero-gravity chairs and blankets allow guests to enjoy the peak of comfort.


Stately salt brick columns anchor the room, creating an immersive salt therapy experience with a modern twist. Loose, pink salt crystals cover the floor, completing the beauty of this thoroughly designed salt cave.

The client had a vision and we simply helped bring their dream to reality. This was done with on-time execution and quality craftsmanship. Ultimately, The Spa in Ottawa has become the first authentic Himalayan salt cave in Canada’s capital city.
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