Phrost Cryotherapy & Medi Spa

Brooklyn, New York

Phrost Cryotherapy & Medi Spa

Located in trendy Brooklyn, New York, Phrost Spa has it all. The modern facility offers cryotherapy, massage therapy, and a diverse line of medical services including Botox. Furthermore, they also boast a beautiful Himalayan Salt Cave designed and built with Select Salt, offering beneficial halo-therapy. This space truly encapsulates the feeling of the Danish word ‘hygge’, defined by a warm mood of coziness, a general feeling of wellness and a sense of comfort. Proof that caves come in all shapes and sizes, this space makes the most of its floor plan. It has capitalized on bringing a tremendous amount of warmth and function to this space.

Construction Details

 Each of the six planes of this room (the four walls, the ceiling and the floor) has a unique design. First off, the back wall is composed entirely of hand-cut, stacked salt bricks, showcasing clean lines and modern flair. Another wall uses stacked bricks, but also incorporates two illumined columns, adding moody lighting to the salt cave.

And another wall showcases extraordinary brick boulders stacked atop one another, providing a raw, natural feel to the salt room. Loose pink and white salt crystals cover the floor’s entirety, highlighting salt in its amazing granular form. Finally, striking stalactites, incorporating advanced fibre-optic lighting, accent the low ceiling, creating a cozy, cave-like vibe.
While lounging in the zero-gravity chairs, guests face towards the room’s piece de resistance, a gorgeous salt water cascade. This beautiful feature showcases the custom-built stone and soft wood elements used in its construction. All these components combine seamlessly, producing an amazingly unique environment to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of halo-therapy.
The high-tech halo-generator fills the room with the richness and benefit of dry salt therapy, creating a truly healing experience. Most of all, this salt cave offers the respite needed in a big city.
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