Salt Cave of Darien

Darien, Connecticut

Salt Cave of Darien

This was the first man-made therapeutic salt cave project in Darien, Connecticut. And it was a concerted effort by the Select Salt team and our visionary client. Hard work and diligent problem solving were instrumental in bringing the Salt Cave of Darien to fruition. Select Salt provided the client guidance to complete a successful site selection. There was also a meticulous, well-organized planning process and a design proposal. Consequently, Select Salt was able to complete the construction of Darien’s first Salt Cave project. Close to 13,000 pounds of Himalayan salt were used during this cave’s construction. As a result, every boulder was individually stacked floor-to-ceiling with quality workmanship.

Construction Details

The cave features a large salt brine waterfall, designed with practicality and aesthetic in mind. The artistic mantle wall incorporates an array of natural elements, from wood to rock to salt. A striking stalactite fibre-optic ceiling sets a calming atmosphere for visitors in the tranquility of a cave-like setting.

A custom designed and built reception desk and state-of-the-art halo-generator enhance the guests’ experience. Because of this, they can enjoy themselves from the moment they enter until the second they depart. The Salt Cave of Darien is a place for people of all diversities to meet. It’s a place where they can recharge and enjoy the everlasting benefits of Himalayan salt.

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