The Salt Barn LLC

 Smyrna, Tennessee

The Salt Barn LLC

Smyrna, Tennessee is the home of Salt Barn, a custom-designed and built salt cave from Select Salt. This magical space has everything you need for pure relaxation. Upon entering this space you first notice a beautiful salt brick pathway. This pathway incorporates various naturally occurring colours found in salt. Pure white, light pink hues and deep crimson shades are all showcased here. Select Salt carefully placed each salt brick on the pathway, and the adjoining salt brick walls. This offers optimum visual appeal and the bricks are meticulously stacked to produce a truly stunning salt wall element. The pathway is edged in specially-designed illuminated brick, bringing to life the raw natural elements found in salt.

Construction Details

Move deeper into this space and you will find a large variety of stunning natural and architectural elements at this salt business. Loose pink-and-white salt crystals cover the remainder of the floor, creating a beach-like environment in which to relax.

True to its name, the Salt Barn includes traditional architectural elements found in barns. Y-framed post-and-beam wooden scaffolds are custom built into the room’s walls, evoking an old-world feel and rustic charm.
Furthermore, carefully selected salt boulders fill the spaces between the beams. As a result, the remaining walls look as if the space was carved from an ancient salt cave. Select Salt’s trademark stalactite ceiling rounds out the gorgeous space. In it, we’ve integrated state-of-the-art fibre-optic lighting to produce striking mood lighting for the cave.
A cosmetic timber-enclosed salt brick fireplace on one wall echoes the aesthetic design of the stone and wood salt water cascade across the room. Moreover, this adds additional elements to enhance the halo-therapy benefits of the salt room. Select Salt’s advanced halo-generator ensures that guests to this space receive the full benefits produced from dry salt therapy. Guests can breathe deeply and fully unwind in the lap of luxury.
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