(Float Spa ~ Salt Cave)

Long Island, New York

FLOATOPIA (Float Spa ~ Salt Cave)

This beautiful salt cave on Long Island must be seen to be believed. Kick back in this cozy space with friends and a good cup of tea to enjoy a group halo-therapy session. Or experience a solo halo-therapy session and totally disconnect from reality and all the stresses of daily life.

Each wall of this salt cave was custom designed and built with total relaxation in mind. Stacked, chiselled salt bricks form the base of this cave, punctuated by lighting that makes the room almost dream-like. The floor of this salt room is 100% pure loose white Himalayan salt crystal. This adds a striking visual element to the pink salt walls. Tailor-made salt pillars help anchor the room’s corners. These incorporate raw and rough salt boulders meticulously stacked for optimum visual design. The gorgeous natural striations and colours of these materials build a sensory environment. Ambient lighting is drawn into the salt cave by an array of lanterns scattered across the floor. This provides lighting of different tones and, also of levels.

Construction Details

A specially-built water cascade features natural softwood. The beautiful cascade creates a steady flow of rich salt water, which releases valuable natural nutrients and minerals. This slow-moving cascade complements the other sensory elements that make this salt cave so inviting. Floatopia ups the comfort level needed to truly enjoy this spa feature. It provides all its guests with cozy robes and blankets so they can feel luxurious in this salt cave. Select Salt’s state-of-the-art halo-generator fills this luxe environment with dry salt benefits. And the best part of all? The halo-generator is discreetly camouflaged into the gorgeous salt walls. The rich air contained in this incredible space is an elixir to cure all that ails you.  You should notice improvements for everything from respiratory ailments to stress and anxiety.

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