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At Select Salt we believe in a better way of life. More importantly, our goal is to help you live a longer and healthier life. Our inspiration comes deep from within the Himalayas – Himalayan salt in all its forms and applications.

We have engineered and mastered the art of salt cave construction and salt-based therapy. Guided by our principles of quality, integrity and customer service, we have been building salt caves, salt rooms and salt spas for a decade. We strive to continuously test new concepts and never stop leveraging what we learn from our worldwide buying presence. All our work is custom to fit your space and environment.

Imagine having the ability to recreate a Himalayan salt microclimate in your own home or office. Now you can – wherever you want in the world; our reach is global.

Our mission is to share our inspiration and the salt therapy experience with you. From Himalayan salt for your kitchen and bathtub, to pallets of salt bricks for your next project, we are your trusted and reliable Canadian Himalayan salt supplier.  Enjoy the everlasting therapeutic benefits of our Himalayan salt products now, available at your fingertips at our online store.

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